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Sporting Events Themed Online Casino Slots

February 12, 2010

The advantage of online slot games is that they can be developed around a theme. Many slots games are based on themes of recurring events. Whenever these events take place the traffic to the corresponding slot games increases. The most common example of this is slots based on festival holidays like Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s Day. Another less common, but equally popular example is of major sporting events.

The Winter Olympics have just taken off in Vancouver on February 12. This month Microgaming has released an online slot game called Winter Gold based on this theme. This slot features four popular Winter Olympics events – Bob Sleigh, Ski Jumping, Speed Skating and Biathlon. The bonus games on the second screen feature very realistic audio visual representation of these games. Any slots player who loves Winter Olympics will simply love Winter Gold. This is one slot game that will be revisited every Winter Olympics.

The last Summer Olympics were held in 2008. Some online slot games based on the Olympic theme were launched at that time. The pick of the lot was Medal Tally. Medal Tally is a Real Series slot game from Realtime Gaming. It features sports like athletics, cycling and swimming as symbols on the reels. The gold, silver and bronze medals are the wild symbol. A tally of the medals appearing during the free spins feature is kept and a bonus prize awarded depending on the number of medals won.

Tennis is a popular sport and Wimbledon is the most watched tennis event. Unlike the Olympics is takes place every year, which is better for online casinos. Last year Microgaming released a slot game during the Wimbledon tournament aptly titled Centre Court. Set against the lush green backdrop of the Centre Court the slot game has symbols like the tennis ball, the trophy and a number of tennis players.

One of the biggest sporting spectacles is the World Cup Football finals. This summer the event will be held in South Africa. There is no doubt that the occasion will see some new football themed slot games. And earlier releases based on the World Cup theme will be played again. One such slot game, World Cup Mania from Microgaming is bound to draw traffic. This slot game was released in May 2006 on the occasion of the last World Cup. The symbols are crafted in a comic style and include whistle, trophy, football, boots and a host of junk food that is consumed by spectators watching the matches in the stadiums. The animation of the football symbol is really crazy. The Free Kick Bonus feature simulates a penalty shoot out.

There are a large number of sports themed slots that are based on the sports but not on any sporting event. The advantage is that the slot game can be associated with any event connected with that sport. Some of the popular slot games of this type are Derby Dollars based on horse racing, Football Rules based on football, Heavy Weight Gold based on boxing and Pedal Power based on cycling.

Apart from sporting event themed slots becoming popular in themselves during the event period, online casinos use them in promotions and online tournaments. Thus they are able to extract greater value from these slots.

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