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Amex (American Express) Online Casinos and Deposits

Below is a list of the best online casinos to take advantage of using your Amex (American Express) credit card at. At the below listed online casinos you'll find that you can deposit using your Amex credit card whether it be standard, gold, platinum or black Amex credit card.




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Cherry Red Casino Cherry Red Casino

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Rushmore Casino Rushmore Casino

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Advantages to Using Amex at Online Casinos

American Express or Amex credit cards are fast becoming the preferred method for depositing funds at online casinos, especially for American players. There are several advantages that Amex cards offer. First of all is the 150 years of reputation that Amex carries. Amex provides safe and quick financial services in over 130 countries.

The main advantage that online players will benefit from by using Amex credit cards is the larger limits offered. Apart from the larger borrowing limits Amex allows players to make larger single deposits at online casinos and also allows players to make larger total deposits from a single card over the span of a month. This is very useful to high rollers. With Amex credit cards they are able to cover their monthly needs with just one card. Otherwise they would need to use a second card if the limits prescribed by their first one were used up.

The different Amex credit cards not only have different limits to suit different spending requirements. They offer different payment plans. For example the Flexible Payment Cards allow players to make payments in more convenient installments. Sometimes the variety offered can confuse the consumer. American Express is aware of this and one of the services they offer is helping the player to select an Amex credit card most suitable to his needs. 

For American players Amex cards are a boon. The rejection of transactions with Amex cards at US online casinos is significantly lower than with other credit cards. It is for this reason that more and more American players are opting for Amex cards. Also for this reason more and more online casinos are now accepting deposits through Amex cards. This enables the players to deposit funds in more casinos using their Amex cards and reduces their need to hold secondary credit cards. Hence the Amex online community is growing by leaps and bounds. And the use of Amex cards is not restricted to online casinos. Players can meet their other online needs and also their offline needs using Amex credit cards.

There are some advantages that Amex credit cards offer over e-wallets. With Amex credit cards funding online casinos is a single operation. In case of e-wallets the e-wallet account has to be funded first and then the funds transferred to the online casino account. Hence when other credit cards do not work players prefer Amex cards to e-wallets.

The most common Amex credit cards in use are Standard, Gold Amex, Platinum and Black (Centurion). If players hold any of these cards and their favorite casinos accept these cards then the players should deposit funds only through these cards. Though the use of Amex cards is increasing, still not all online casinos accept them. Players should wager at the Amex accepting online casinos listed below to ensure that they will be able to deposit at the casino.

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