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Banking at US Online Casinos

US online casinos are those online casinos that accept players from the United States. Because of the laws currently in place, US online casinos offer a limited number of payment options. A drawback sometimes encountered at these casinos is that some of these payment options do not function smoothly. This results in deposits being held up and therefore the players are unable to wager. The banking options that work best at US online casinos are major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express and eCheck. The following table lists those US online casinos that offer the above mentioned payment options.




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Visa offers a number of credit cards to American players that should not create any problem when transacting at online casinos. At most US online casinos the Visa system is seamlessly integrated to the casino system so that rejection using Visa cards is minimal. Apart from credit cards, Visa also issues debit cards and prepaid cards that are also accepted by online casinos. Visa offers a secure option of US online players, which is as important as acceptability. The three digit security code and the Verified by Visa option are the security features offered. Like Visa, MasterCard is another preferred option in US online casinos. MasterCard also offers minimal rejection and additional security features along with a number of products like credit, debit and prepaid cards. American Express, or Amex as it is popularly knows as, is one of the fastest growing options in the United States. A large number of US online casinos prefer deposits through Amex cards.  In the unlikely event that a transaction with any one of these cards does not go through, players should try again. Often it is only a system glitch that is responsible and not anything more serious. In case the problem persists the next desired option is eCheck.

eCheck is the short form for electronic check. All the player needs is a checking account with funds in it. The player goes to the cashier section of the online casino, selects the eCheck option and enters the bank account details and the amount to be deposited. The amount is transferred from the bank account to the casino account using the Automatic Clearing House technology. eCheck is a secure deposit option. The transactions are encrypted. When the bank receives the message from the online casino, the bank first checks whether the casino has the required encryption protocols in place. Only if the casino is secure does the bank affect the transfer.

All the US online casinos listed earlier are secure and the credit card and eCheck options should work smoothly.

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