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Special Features in Cryptologic Online Casino Roulette

April 2, 2010

One of the ways that players make roulette interesting is by wagering on special patterns of numbers. It could be their telephone number or birth date or wedding anniversary. These patterns involve placing of chips at various different locations on the roulette layout. And if the player wants to repeatedly wager on a given pattern a large number of times then placing the bet each time can get cumbersome. In order to avoid this Cryptologic has introduced some special features in its roulette games.

Essentially the software can save a number of patterns for the player and later the player can use an auto play feature in which he can select one of the patterns that have been saved. The procedure begins by laying out the chips in the desired pattern on the roulette layout. The player then clicks the "Save Bet Layout" button. In the space provided in the box that opens the player enters the name for that pattern. The name should be such that the player can easily relate to the pattern. For example if the pattern is based on his telephone number the player can enter "telephone" as the name. After entering the name the player clicks the Save button in order to save the pattern. In this manner a number of patterns can be saved. If the player wants to delete a saved pattern then he has to again open this box, select the pattern to be deleted and click the Delete button.

When the player wants to use any of the saved patterns in a repeated number of spins he clicks the Auto Play button to open the auto play box. He selects Fixed as the Bet Type. He then enters the number of spins that he wants to run the game for. At the same time he can enable a number of conditions for automatically stopping the auto play. Then from the drop-down menu he selects the desired pattern. This pattern is displayed on the roulette layout within the auto play box. The idea is that the player can be doubly sure that he has chosen the right pattern. The total amount wagered per spin for that pattern is indicated in the appropriate cell. If the player is satisfied with the settings he clicks the Start Auto Play button. The software then automatically plays out the set number of spins. There is a provision to manually stop the auto play in case the player feels the need to.

Sometimes the player may want to vary the bet amount for the given pattern. Suppose the pattern contained five $1 chips. The player may want to wager the first spin with $1 chips, the second spin with $2 chips, the third spin with $3 chips and then repeat the sequence during the auto spins. After entering the Auto Play box the player selects Repeat as the Bet Type. In the boxes that open he enters 1 in the first box, 2 in the second box and 3 in the third box and then proceeds as before. When the auto play commences the roulette layout will have five $1 chips in the desired position, the second spin will have five $2 chips in those positions, the third spin will have five $3 chips in those positions, the fourth spin will have five $1 chips in those positions and so on.

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