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July 22, 2009

Dice games have been popular since antiquity both as gambling games and as games played purely for fun. The reason is that the die introduces uncertainty into the game which is the basis of gambling games. When the dice are rolled it is impossible to predict which numbers will appear face up. The two most popular online casino dice games are craps and sic bo. Craps has originated and evolved in the Western world, whereas sic bo is an ancient Chinese game. Both online casino games have similarities and differences.

Craps is played with two dice. The players have to predict the total of the two numbers appearing face up on the dice after it has been rolled. The different bets available appear on a layout on the computer screen. The wagers can be placed by transferring the chips to the betting area. There are two types of bets offered in craps. The first type of bet is settled in one roll of the dice. These are simpler bets but have higher house edges. The most common bet of this type is known as the Field Bet. This bet wins if the player rolls a Two, Three, Four, Nine, Ten, Eleven or Twelve, on the next roll. Any Craps is a popular bet among new players because this bet has given the game its name. This bet wins if the player rolls a Two, Three or Twelve on the next roll. However this bet is avoidable because it has a very high house edge.

The best bets in craps are played over a number of rolls. The most popular of these is the Pass Line Bet. In the first roll, called the come out roll, if the player rolls a Seven or Eleven then the player wins. If he rolls a Two, Three or Twelve then he loses. Otherwise the number rolled becomes the Point. Then the player has to roll the Point again before rolling a Seven in order to win. There are several other similar bets, but the player would require some time and experience to become familiar with them.

Sic bo offers certain advantages for the new players as compared to craps. It is played with three dice and this offers a larger number of outcomes. The more important factor is that all the bets are decided in one roll only and this eliminates the complexities that are found in craps. Players can bet on either the total of the three dice or on the dice combination. The most common bets of the first type are the Small Bet and the Big Bet. The Small Bet wins if the total is between Four and Ten. The Big Bet wins if the total is between Eleven and Seventeen. Both bets payout at even money and have reasonable house edges.

The Triples bets are wagered on dice combinations. For example a wager on all three dice showing Six will pay out that 180 to 1. A wager that there will be a triple of any number will pay out at 30 to 1.

Both craps and sic bo are offered by all online gaming software providers like Microgaming and Real Time Gaming. It is recommended that players first check out the Microgaming dice games because these offer the best payouts.

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