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Online Casino Affiliates and Affiliate Programs

March 17, 2009

A casino affiliate program is a mechanism by which the owner of a web site directs traffic to a casino for a fee. If a potential player knows the name of an online casino then he can use a search engine to locate it on the Internet. But so many new casinos are launched and their names are not widely known. More than that so many new players are looking for a place to play and they have little idea where to go. In such situations the casino affiliate program comes handy. The casino places its banner or link on several web sites known as affiliates. They need not be related to online gambling, but usually are. When surfers log on these affiliate sites and see the advertisements of the online casinos they can access the web site of those casinos by clicking on the advertisements. After evaluating the casino they may decide to start wagering on it. Once they do that, then the affiliate becomes entitled for the payment as per the agreed terms.

Casino affiliate programs do much more than directing traffic. They keep track of the number of players directed through a particular affiliate and work out the amounts due to that affiliate. They also assist by providing relevant marketing information to the affiliates so that they are able to draw greater traffic in the first place. In order to extend their reach it is not uncommon for affiliates to have their own affiliates. This means that online casino affiliates pass on a portion of revenues earned from online casinos to second tier affiliates who drive traffic to them. The largest affiliate programs have even three or more tiers.

There are two common systems of compensating the affiliates for driving the traffic to online casinos. These are discussed in detail below.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

The Cost Per Acquisition system offers a one time compensation to the affiliate when the referred player fulfills certain stipulated conditions. The important condition is that the referred player makes the deposit of the stipulated amount at the casino. It does not matter thereafter whether the player plays at the online casino or not. The Cost Per Acquisition system is usually so structured that the affiliates earn a more than proportional amount by referring more players to the casino.

Revenue Share

The Revenue Share is a more equitable payment system. The affiliate gets paid an agreed percent of the losses the referred player makes at the online casino. The affiliate gets paid as long as the player is loyal to the casino, whether for one day or for ever. Since online players tend to settle down with an online casino after the initial shopping around, the Revenue Share system brings greater returns to the affiliate. 

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