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Multi Level Online Casino Tournaments

October 15, 2009

Most online casinos offer tournaments to their players. Usually these tournaments run over a few days. Each player gets to play only once. At the end of the tournament period the top players share the prize pool. However from time to time some online casinos organize tournaments that have the winning players progressing from one level to the next until the final round. Such tournaments are known as multi level online tournaments.

The first round of multi level online tournaments is known as the qualifying round. Very often it is a freeroll without any entry fee. Sometimes a nominal entry fee is charged. The qualifying round has a number of separate events that usually take place over a number of days. The designated number of winners of each event shares a small prize pool. But the more important benefit is that these winners are automatically given free entries to the next round.

Players who did not participate in the qualifying round or did not qualify are allowed to play in the next round after paying the entry fee. The entry fee is sufficiently large so as to provide a sort of penalty for not being able to qualify. The number of events in the next round is usually fewer. In this manner the multi level online tournament progresses from level to level until it reaches the final round. As in the earlier rounds players who have not qualified can enter the final round directly, but the entry fee can be substantial. The prize pool in the final round is also large so as to ensure good participation.

As compared to single level online tournaments that run for at most seven days, the multi level tournaments are played out over months. The first qualifying round itself can take 2 to 3 weeks. The subsequent rounds are of shorter durations because the number of players keeps decreasing. Very often there is a gap of a few days between each round.

Multi level online tournaments are planned and publicized in advance. Usually online casino groups hold the tournaments for all their group casinos. Adverts for the online tournament appear in the lobbies of all the casinos. Advertisements are also placed in online casino news portals. Online press releases are issued. Very often the top prize, or even prizes, in the final round is not a cash prize. Luxury all expenses paid holidays for two are common prizes. Land casino hot spots like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are favorite prize destinations. Luxury sea cruises are offered with the opportunity to win even more prizes during the cruise. Recently InterCasino offered events like learning how to fly a plane or attending a fashion week under a leading designer as prizes.

Many online casinos hold multi level tournaments on an annual basis. Villento online casino has been sending 20 players for a weekend in Monte Carlo for two years. The International Casino Games multi level online tournament has been running annually at the Fortune Lounge group of casinos since 2005. Microgaming has just organized the mother of all multi level online tournaments, the Grand Slam of Slots. It is not restricted to an online casino group but encompasses all Microgaming online casinos. It is offering the largest top prize ever in online tournaments history. The lucky winner will become an instant millionaire.

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