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Rival Powered SoftwareRival Gaming Software – or Rival Powered as it is commonly known – is one of the newest players in the online casino software sector. The company is based in Cyprus, and only entered the market in 2006.

In a sense this gives it an edge. Time moves faster on the Internet, with new trends appearing thick and fast. While most software companies are constantly updating base products developed years ago, Rival is in the unique position of offering something completely new with no prior efforts to colour it.

Understandably, it has a smaller number of licensees – around 20 – than some of the big dogs like Microgaming and Vegas Technology, but that number is hardly insignificant when you consider that Rival has been operating for only two years.

But Rival Powered's age is not the only thing that makes it unique. Unlike almost every other developer out there, Rival Powered offers no online versions of its games – everything is download only.

Because of the basic differences between downloaded and online games, the significance of this decision appears to be that Rival Powered focuses on delivering only a specific level of gameplay that's nearly impossible to replicate with any accuracy inside of a web browser. Certainly the graphics and sound are richer than you could expect from games presented online.

In fact, this is the driving force behind one of their most popular products – iSlots (or interactive slots). Rival Powered could easily have produced yet another flashy pull-the-lever slot game such as those developed by every other provider out there. Instead, they chose to create something entirely new.

In Rival Powered's iSlots game, players become characters in a glossily animated storyline that they interact with as they play. It is rich and immersive, and as players complete rounds of slots, they unlock further instalments of the storyline. There's an aspect of randomness to it so that players don't experience the same story every time they play.

This has proved to be a huge success, and interestingly, Rival Powered will let you play the game for free – you don't necessarily have to gamble to enjoy iSlots. Of course, if you're not betting anything, you won't be able to claim anything if you win either.

From a management perspective, Rival Powered offers its licensees some of the most advanced online casino operation tools in the business. The RivalPro Backend solution features a component called RivalInTouch, which can generate customised reports full of information you select, which it either emails out at regular intervals or delivers to PDAs, so that licensees are always aware of what's happening on their sites even if they aren't local to their servers.

RivalPowered's security is also impressive, with built-in fraud protection in the form of their  RivalPro component. It also uses an integrated IndentiPrint system to track operator functions – you can't perform any administration without providing your fingerprint, and this is a great way of both keeping hackers out and ensuring that your staff always behave in the interests of the company.

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