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Jackpot Hit at Slotland Casino

May 26, 2010

Slotland Casino is unique in two respects. The games offered at this online casino cannot be played anywhere else on the Internet. All the games offered at this online casino are networked to the same progressive jackpot. There are 15 games in all. Most of them are online slots but some are video poker games. This jackpot was hit recently after a gap of over three months. A player going by the alias 'YUKON' was wagering on a slot game called Golden 8, when he hit the jackpot and pocketed a cool $163,000.

YUKON has been with Slotland Casino for only over a year. He has been regularly wagering at the online casino in the hope of hitting a big payout and now his dream has come true. But when the big moment came he could not believe it. He said, "But, I honestly never really expected something like this to happen to me. Even when I saw it on my screen I could hardly believe it. It wasn't until the customer service representative from Slotland.com contacted me that it really started to sink in." The first priority for YUKON is to pay of his debts, which is a wise thing to do. Then he plans to go on a holiday he very much deserves. He has not decided on the destination but it will be 'someplace sunny and warm'.

Slotland Casino regulars will not go anywhere else, event though other online casinos offer million dollar plus jackpots.  One Slotland put this in perfect perspective. "The reason some of those are so big is that they are rarely, if ever, actually won. But, Slotland.com has a big winner every few weeks it seems so I feel like I actually have a chance to win here."

In the last 12 months Slotland casino has paid out almost $900,000 in 7 hits. The average hit has been about $127,000 and therefore YUKON will be considering that he has been lucky. The highest that Slotland Casino has paid out is just over $200,000 and this happened over two years ago. Treasure Box slot game is the most popular at Slotland having produced three jackpot winners. Golden 8 and Jacks or Better video poker have produced two each.

The progressive jackpot at Slotland Casino has been reset and is ticking away at over $60,000. The progressive jackpot at the sister online casino Win A Day is at almost $190,000. It was last hit almost two months ago for $224,420. This was the highest ever progressive jackpot hit at Win A Day online casino.

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